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Some thoughts on Newtown

December 18, 2012

Some thoughts on Newtown.

As a father and grandfather, my heart and my prayers go out to the victims and those who have lost loved ones. Events such as this leave one speechless, tearful and depressed.

When I first heard what happened in Newtown I tweeted that it was evil pure evil. No change in my position. Evil is evil. Banning something will not stop evil from occurring. It wasn’t because he had a semiautomatic version of the AR15 that so many died; the depressing but realistic view is that the same horrible tragedy could have occurred whether he used that Bushmaster or not. Evil will find a way.

(1) We need a discussion on adding a level of security to our schools. Each school has a school custodian. Preference in hiring should be given to ex military and retired police officers. Part of their job description would include handling a situation such as Newtown. This would buy time during “the” critical period until the arrival of first responders. A standard training program, taught by the police/FBI, should be implemented focusing on the actions an armed custodian should take until the arrival of first responders.

(2) If a school administration/staff person wants to be armed, give them the same training as the armed school custodian.

These armed school officials and/or the armed custodian are not school police. They only deal with a situation concerning an armed intruder(s).

(3) If a teacher or school official so desires, let them have a Taser to protect their classroom. Of course they also must be properly trained.

The above is not a solution but some steps that can be taken to add another level of security.

I have been around guns all my life. In three incidents if I did not have a gun I would not be writing this. Once a gun saved my life from someone who came at me with a weapon. Another time my gun saved me from grievous bodily harm as four, shall we say, gentlemen (two had knives, two were unarmed), had nefarious intentions. Their demeanor totally changed when I introduced them to Mr. Glock who held them until the police arrived.

I legally owned guns, carried a handgun, in a very liberal city where permits were as rare as hen’s teeth. Whenever there was a blackout/civil disturbance or a rash of violent crime, it was interesting to note how many of my “liberal frenemies” came knocking on my apartment door wanting to stay with me. Surprising how many people can fit/sleep in a one bedroom apartment!

Just a few years ago, a friend of mine, an “uber left” retired Professor of Sociology (I don’t think there any other kind) had a road rage encounter. Instead of calling the police on his cell phone or drive to a police car/station. He drove to my friend Joe’s house (who just happened to be outside with his grandkids and at the time not carrying). Why did he drive to Joe’s? Because Joe owned and carried handguns. I later berated my friend for endangering Joe and his grandkids.

I believe there are many of us who own guns that can tell of many similar occurrences that were it not for a gun; they might not be here or they would have been seriously injured/disabled.

My point is: to those who wish to ban guns – you might as well be telling me that you wish I were dead.

Some further thoughts.

(A)- The storage of long guns and handguns when not in use. When my kids were young, I was not cheap regarding the safe storage of my guns and ammunition. I had three safes, 1 large and 2 small.

I kept my long guns in the large safe along with several other handguns. Even though these weapons were stored unloaded in a large safe; I still had a trigger lock on each gun as an added safety precaution. (to the uninitiated, you never have a trigger lock on a “loaded” gun.)

I then stored my ammunition “separately” in a small safe.

In the third safe (when I came home) I stored my carry weapon.

Excessive, maybe; however I believe now just as I did then, as responsible gun owners we must think “defensively” just as we think of driving defensively. In a gun owner’s case, we need to imagine that some child or mentally ill relative or thief is attempting to access our weapons. I don’t know if the foregoing would have stopped Adam Lanza, saved his mother’s life and the life of the 26 victims but this is something we, (gun owners), need to discuss and implement without a government mandate.

(B)- Mental illness. What should we do to protect ourselves from those that are mentally ill? I have been around long enough to witness the changes in how those who are mentally ill are handled. I have seen the mentally ill discharged from institutions, wind up on the streets, did not take their medicine and became violent. I have seen those who are mentally ill non-violently destroy the lives of family and friends. The State did nothing to assist or intervene. I have no answers here but I expect more than platitudes from those who are in the mental health field.

(C)- Evil is evil and as I tweeted earlier, when liberals have a solution to evil, for example the ten worst serial killers – then you can talk to me about gun bans.

(D)- In my youth I lost too many friends because of their drug addiction and I have friends that have lost children to drugs. If the President wants to seek solutions to the untimely death of children; he will save many lives by tackling this issue instead of politicizing Newtown.

If you think you might want to purchase a gun, take a firearms course “before” you purchase. If you don’t think you can handle the responsibility then don’t – but don’t limit my right to self-defense.

As a Christian I am well aware of evil in this world and that our weapons are not carnal (2 Cor. 10:3-5) but it doesn’t suck to own a gun for self-defense or for defending your family, just be wise about it.


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